Best water parks in Malaga

Top 3+2 best water parks in Málaga

It is well known that the province of Malaga is very popular in summer with all kinds of tourists, and that the Costa del Sol has endless attractions including beaches, but did you know that there are many other ways to escape the high summer temperatures?

Today we are going to talk about a fun and refreshing way to fight the summer heat in Malaga. Stay tuned because next we are going to talk about the 5 best water parks in Malaga.


As its name suggests, Aquamijas is a water park in Malaga is located in Mijas Costa, an area of infinite tourist interest on the Costa del Sol.

This park, like the previous one mentioned, can be visited upon payment of 27,90€ (conventional ticket), price that can be slightly reduced if this ticket is purchased online.

About the Aquamijas water park we can highlight some of its donut rides, which in my opinion are quite unique despite being a type of attraction present in every water park. You can also take advantage of the day to go to the Sohail Castle in Fuengirola, which is less than 5 minutes away by car.

We are sure that more than one child will see it from the road when taking a taxi from Malaga airport to Mijas Costa.

Atraction in Aquamijas, water park in Malaga


Located in Torremolinos, Aqualand is perhaps the best known water park in Malaga to the local public for its countless years of experience and innovation in its attractions, always being at the forefront of the sector. 

Obviously the park has attractions for all ages, including an impressive “Kamikaze” more than famous for the locals, as well as a swimming pool oriented to enjoy with the little ones.

The conventional entrance fee is €32, although there are different age ranges for younger children, as well as vouchers which you can check on their website.

We are sure that going with children will be one of the best days of your holiday. Although as a top tip, don’t forget to take sun cream or the Costa del Sol will make a special mention of what it is known for.

Kamikaze atraction in Aqualand


Located on the east coast of Malaga, Aquavelis is exactly in Torre del Mar, a coastal area belonging to Velez-Malaga. 

This water park in Malaga stands out for the high quality of its facilities as well as for its price, since you can buy a conventional ticket for just 26,50€, being even cheaper if you buy it online.

Personally I would also point out that, as it is located in an area with a lot of local people and less from other countries, it tends to have fewer users, something that is appreciated in waiting times.

Aquavelis water park

Costa Water Park 

Costa Water Park is one of the bonuses to be mentioned in this post. Although it is not a conventional water park, it has attractions (inflatable structures) that will turn a normal day at the beach into much more than that.

Its variety of structures, sizes and uses make this type of park something more and more frequent and can give a special touch to any day at the beach.

Costa Water Park is definitely an option to consider if you are going to enjoy the summer in Fuengirola.

Fun Beach Park Estepona

Following the line of the previous section, Fun Beach Park Estepona can be mentioned if we talk about the best water parks in Malaga. 

Once again we are referring to a series of inflatable structures consisting of mats, climbing walls, slides and jumping areas in the middle of a paradise like the beach of Estepona.

Also, if we talk about refreshing ways to spend the summer, from Estepona it will be easy to visit some of the best beach clubs in Marbella. But remember that these places are recommended more for adults.

Atraction in Aquanland, one of the best water parks in Malaga

These are the options that come to mind when we talk about water parks in Malaga, but surely there are more. Take a taxi in Malaga and enjoy your favourite water parks. What would you say? Tell us in the comments!

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