Best typical restaurants in Malaga

Best 5 typical restaurants in Málaga

Visiting Malaga is always one of the favourite options for European tourists due to many reasons. One of them is its good gastronomic offer, which translates into a large number of options to enjoy its typical dishes.

Therefore, we are going to talk about the 5 best typical restaurants in Malaga.

The best restaurants in Malaga: Where to find them

One of the great advantages is that finding the best restaurants in Malaga is quite easy as they are generally located in the centre. Because of this, going to a restaurant for lunch and still visiting some of the best museums in Malaga is a perfect plan.

However, we will comment on some that are not located in this area, but along the many kilometres of promenade that the city of Malaga has.

That said, these are the best typical restaurants in Malaga.

El tintero

This restaurant or, rather, Chiringuito, is a must if we talk about the most typical restaurants in the city of Malaga.

Located on the promenade of El Palo, it will be easy to find a taxi in Malaga with which to get in just 10 minutes to this peculiar restaurant where you can eat one of the most typical dishes of Malaga, fried fish.

The “pescaíto frito” is the local name for fried fish, a product that has been perfected over many years as a result of the seafaring tradition of the local population.

In addition, this restaurant has the peculiarity of not working in a conventional way with a menu. In this case, waiters come out and shout out the dish that is on the menu, and if you ask for it, they give it to you. Finally, the “cobrador” will count the number of dishes on the table and from there he will calculate the price to be paid by the customer. A whole host of traditions.


Avenue Salvador Allende, 340.

El Tintero, Chiringuito in Málaga

El Pimpi

El Pimpi is a winery famous for the long tradition behind it and for the large number of national and international celebrities who have signed their names on some of the barrels. All you have to do is wander inside and observe the large number of celebrities who have immortalised their time here. We also talked about this place in our post about the best wineries in Malaga.

In El Pimpi you can accompany the best Malaga wines with exquisite dishes of ham, cheese or any typical Spanish product. Its great quality and atmosphere have “forced” such illustrious people as Luka Dončić, Rafa Nadal, the Picasso family or Tony Blair to pass through here.

Losing yourself in this place, in an unbeatable location opposite the Alcazaba and the Roman Theatre, is an experience not to be missed.


Granada Street, 62.

El Pimpi, one of the best restaurants in Malaga

Casa Lola

Casa Lola has become more and more important in recent years, and is now one of the most visited by locals. It has different locations in the centre of Malaga, especially those located in the Plaza Uncibay.

In this restaurant you can eat a wide variety of tapas, different types of rations or enjoy a good beer in one of the most atmospheric locations in Malaga.

One of the characteristics that makes it a success among the local public is that, despite its central location, quality and flavour in its products, its price is considerably lower than other options in the centre of Malaga.


Uncibay Square, 3, 5.

Casa Lola in Malaga

La Tranca

La Tranca has two premises practically in the same location, just a few metres from each other. In La Tranca you can enjoy the purest atmosphere of Malaga and Andalusia, in a small but cosy tavern where you can enjoy a wide range of typical food portions.

If you add to this offer of food the aforementioned atmosphere accompanied by a good beer and typical music of Malaga and Andalusia, the result is unbeatable.

Its price and local atmosphere make La Tranca one of the options that locals like the most and that, without a doubt, tourists who decide to soak up the atmosphere of Malaga fall in love with if we are talking about enjoying with friends or family.


Carretería Street, 92.

La tranca restaurant, other typical restaurant

El Cortijo de Pepe

El Cortijo de Pepe is another typical Malaga restaurant with an enviable location. Right in the Plaza de la Merced, its gastronomic offer based on typical Malaga and Spanish dishes tends to result in a perfect mix of tourists and locals alike.

Like those mentioned above, it has a very traditional style that undoubtedly contributes to achieve a festive atmosphere among those who decide to enter here.

Something I didn’t want to leave out and that Cortijo de Pepe offers, like the previous restaurants, is that typical Malaga way of meeting, where you eat standing up from the different dishes to share, beer in hand and forming that “magic” of meeting with friends that is so typical of Malaga.


Merced Square, 2.

El Cortijo de Pepe, restaurant in Malaga old town

We know that Malaga has such a wide gastronomic offer that we have left many good restaurants unmentioned, but these are the 5 that we have chosen. Which ones do you think should not be missing on your list?

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