Things to do in Malaga

Definitive guide to 21 things to do in Malaga

Malaga is world famous for being the capital of the Costa del Sol, one of the favourite destinations for European tourists. This city in the south of Spain offers good gastronomy, an excellent climate, good beaches, culture, leisure, etc.

Given this wide range of options that the city has to offer, we have decided to talk about the best things to do in Malaga. Through this article we will help all Costa del Sol lovers to choose the best places to visit during their holidays on the Costa del Sol.

Walking along Calle Larios

This street is perhaps the most famous place in Malaga. Named one of the most beautiful streets in Spain, Calle Larios stands out for its beautiful buildings full of shops of the big brands.

At Christmas time it is often noted for its beautiful lighting, considered the most beautiful in Spain. Another highlight is to finish walking down Calle Larios in the Plaza de la Constitución, a very important square in Malaga.

Larios Street of Malaga

See the Roman Theatre

Located in Alcazabilla street, the Roman Theatre is one of the most characteristic monuments of Malaga. It is located in a beautiful pedestrian street at the foot of the Alcazaba.

This location allows you to see the theatre for free, as well as have a drink or dinner with its spectacular views. It is also illuminated at night, just like the Alcazaba, which makes the views highly recommended.

Roman Theatre of Malaga

Visit Gibralfaro Castle

Another of the best things to do in Malaga is to visit the Gibralfaro Castle. It is located right in the centre of Malaga and is right next to the Alcazaba, on the mountain visible from the port.

From the Gibralfaro Castle we can enjoy one of the best views of Malaga, as we can see the harbour and the sea. In addition, we can see a small museum where weapons of the time are exhibited.

Gibralfaro Castle

Visit the cathedral of Malaga

The Cathedral of Malaga is one of the most famous monuments of Malaga. Its special condition is that it is known as “La Manquita”, since it has only one tower. This is because it is unfinished.

There are many theories about why it has not been finished, but it always boils down to the fact that the cathedral has always been at the service of the city. So when money was needed, its construction was paused.

As a result of this condition, the cathedral has reached our times unfinished, being now one of the best attractions in Malaga.

Malaga Cathedral

Visit the neighbourhoods of Soho and Lagunillas

These neighbourhoods are known for their urban art. Both are located in areas of the city centre, so a short detour to visit them is highly recommended.

Soho is close to La Alameda Principal and the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo, where you can see graffiti of a high artistic level.

Lagunillas is located near the Plaza de la Merced and is also notable for its large amount of graffiti that shows how urban art continues.

Soho of Malaga

Swimming in one of its beaches

Malaga is a coastal city and, therefore, we cannot fail to mention its beaches. Its good climate and kilometres of coastline make swimming in the sea a must-do in Malaga.

If you are staying in the city centre, which is quite likely, the nearest beach will be the Malagueta beach. Even so, our recommendation will always be Pedregalejo or El Palo, to get to know the typical beaches and the most local people of the city.


Eating “pescaíto frito” (fried fish) in a beach bar

When talking about beaches, the first thing that comes to mind are the chiringuitos. The whole coast is full of chiringuitos, but if we mention one particularly famous one it is El Tintero.

This chiringuito located at the end of El Palo is famous for offering dishes continuously and the customer asks the waiter to leave it on the table. Finally a collector shouting “y yo cobro” (and I charge) counts the dishes on the table and calculates the price.

It is undoubtedly a very typical and characteristic place in Malaga that tourists like for its peculiarity and for its excellent food. The best option, given the distance, is to take a taxi in Malaga and get there in about 10 minutes.

Eat espetos, things to do in Malaga

Enjoying one of its terraces

Malaga is full of terraces of bars where you can have a drink while enjoying the good weather and a good cocktail. The views from the terraces depend on the location, but can range from the sea to the cathedral or the Alcazaba.

This, together with the city’s good weather, is a highly recommended plan for evenings in Malaga. If there is one that stands out, we would say the one at the AC Malaga Palacio hotel, given its height and location. This allows you to see the cathedral as well as the whole of Malaga, including the port.

Terrace in Malaga

Visit the Atarazanas market

The Atarazanas market is a market located in Atarazanas street. It is a food market where you can sit down for tapas and a drink.

Its beautiful stained glass windows together with its great Arab arch make this place one of the things to see in Malaga. It is clearly one of the most traditional places in Malaga given the importance it has had for the local population.

Atarazanas Market in Malaga

Drinking wine in El Pimpi

El Pimpi is possibly one of the most typical places in Malaga. It is a wine cellar that has been visited by countless national and international celebrities. Here you can taste some of the best wines of Malaga.

It is located in the historic centre of Malaga and of course it is on our list of the best typical restaurants in Malaga. If you want to visit one of the most famous tourist attractions in Malaga, you must visit El Pimpi.

El Pimpi

Watch a match at La Rosaleda

La Rosaleda is the stadium where Málaga Club de Fútbol, the home team of the city of Málaga, plays its matches. It is an international stadium with more than 30.000 seats to create a party in the whole city.

The city’s strong tradition in football together with the passion of the Malaga fans makes the matches in this stadium a recommendable experience.

It is also curious that there is a part of the fans called the “Guiri Army” which is made up of foreigners who support Malaga Football Club. This is given the links between the city of Malaga and other European countries.

Rosaleda Stadium

Experience the Malaga fair

If you are wondering what to do in Malaga in August, you should pay attention to whether the dates coincide with the fair. If you’re lucky, your visit could coincide with the city’s most festive week, when there are plenty of activities to enjoy.

Both in the centre and in the Real Cortijo de Torres you can dance, eat, drink and watch cultural shows, as well as enjoy themed attractions for the little ones (and for the grown-ups).

If the dates allow it, you must visit the Malaga Fair, one of the most fun things to do in Malaga without any doubt.

Malaga Fair

See the Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Malaga

Something similar happens with the Holy Week in Malaga. Usually celebrated in April (it can vary), being able to witness some of its processions is one of the things to do in Malaga if you are in these dates.

With a strong religious tradition, the city of Malaga takes its thrones to the streets with images of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Carried on their shoulders, they travel for long hours making a superhuman effort to pay homage to the Passion of Christ.

It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular things to see in Malaga. Its magnitude, the singing of the images, the accompanying musical bands, etc. make this week the most important week of the year in Malaga.

Semana Santa in Malaga

Visiting the Botanical Garden of La Concepción

Another of the things to see in Malaga is the Botanical Garden of La Concepción. This place stands out for its large number of plants and its gardens. It has tropical, subtropical and autochthonous species, something that makes it unique in Europe.

Its origins are based on a high bourgeois estate whose owners, lovers of plants, filled it with as many as they could. It is undoubtedly a magical place that also holds events of great beauty on special dates.

Visit Botanic Garden La Concepcion, one thing to do in Malaga

Take a ride on the Malaga Tourist Bus

Given that the centre of Malaga is exclusively pedestrianised (with a few exceptions for public transport or supplies), the tourist bus is not the best option for getting to know the city.

Despite this, it is without doubt a quick, comfortable and cheap way to get to know what the city is like, where the places to visit in Malaga are located and what there is to see in the city.

In addition, its passage along the coast offers spectacular views of the sea in Malaga accompanied by its usual clear skies and good weather. Without a doubt, it is a very pleasant walk with the good weather in Malaga.

Touristic Bus of Malaga

Go to a play at the Cervantes Theatre or Soho Theatre

Located in the historic centre of Malaga, visiting these theatres and enjoying one of their plays is one of the most fun things to do in Malaga.

The Cervantes Theatre is located in the Cervantes Square, very close to the Plaza de la Merced. On the other hand, the Soho Theatre, owned by the famous actor Antonio Banderas is located in the Soho neighbourhood.

In these theatres you will be able to enjoy plays such as musicals, conventional plays, opera, etc. And enjoying Malaga through art is one of the best ways to do it.

Soho Theatre

Visiting Malaga’s famous museums

Over the last few years Malaga has become a city that stands out for its cultural heritage. It is impossible to mention all its museums in this section, so we recommend you to read our post about the best museums in Malaga.

Even so, it is obligatory to mention some of them, such as the Picasso Museum, the Carmen Thyssen Museum, the Pompidou Museum or the Contemporary Art Centre. In addition, the city’s commitment to art and culture means that on Sundays you can visit all the city’s museums free of charge.

Museums of Malaga

Taste the gastronomy of Malaga

In many posts we have mentioned that Malaga’s gastronomy is one of the best things the city has to offer. Even so, if we mention things to do, we have to repeat it again.

Without a doubt, eating in the different restaurants in Malaga is something that every tourist loves. From tapas bars to individual dishes, the gastronomic offer of Malaga is enormous and the old town is the ideal place to do this plan.

Tapas of Malaga, things to do in Malaga

Go to the Plaza de la Merced

The Plaza de la Merced is one of the places you must visit in Malaga. Also located in the city centre, this square stands out for its obelisk in the central area of the square.

It is surrounded by bars where you can have something to eat or drink while enjoying street artists playing guitars around the square.

Plaza de la Merced in Malaga

Strolling around the port of Malaga (Muelle Uno)

The port of Malaga is one of the most modern and beautiful buildings in the city. Walking along its palm tree lined promenade or its luxurious yacht docks is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Malaga.

Here you will also find the Pompidou Museum, whose stained glass windows give a very recognisable colour to this place. In addition, there are plenty of high quality restaurants where you can eat or have a drink. But don’t panic, there are also more affordable restaurants to suit all budgets.

Muelle Uno, places to visit in Malaga

Go to the bullring

The Malagueta bullring is also close to the historic centre. Although it is rarely used nowadays, it is still part of the bullfighting tradition of Malaga and Spain.

Interesting points of your visit is that it is very close to the port of Malaga, the Malagueta beach and areas with many quality restaurants.

Bullring of Malaga

Conclusions of what to do and see in Malaga

Throughout this post you have been able to know some of the things to do in Malaga. Despite them, you can see that Malaga has a lot of variety and an infinity of plans, so there are many more. Which ones do you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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