Castillo Sohail in Málaga

Sohail Castle in Fuengirola, Málaga

If you have decided to spend a few days on the Costa del Sol, one of the most recommended options is the Sohail Castle in Fuengirola. That is why we want to talk about one of the most popular tourist attractions in this municipality.

What is Sohail Castle?

The Sohail Castle is a fortress installed on a hill that rises 38 meters above sea level. It is located a few meters from the beach and on its side is the mouth of the river Fuengirola.

History of Sohail Castle

Sohail Castle began to take shape in the year 956, when the caliph Abderraman III ordered the construction of a citadel where an ancient Roman settlement was located. These ruins were from the city of Suel, from which the castle took its name.

It was in the 12th century when the defensive complex was built, consisting of, among other things, walls, towers and watchtowers.

Castillo Sohail de Fuengirola, en Málaga

One of the many curiosities of this enclave is that both Fuengirola and Sohail Castle were besieged numerous times by the famous Captain Barbarossa. Another conflict in which it was involved was the capture of Fuengirola by the French army under Napoleon’s command.

This castle has had numerous uses, including military use. A curiosity is that during the Spanish post-war period, it served as a home for tuberculosis patients.

Sohail Castle today

Through its numerous reforms, we can say that its state of conservation is very positive, showing an aesthetic that gives great beauty to this area of the Costa del Sol.

As a result of this beauty, to which its manicured gardens participate, numerous events are held throughout the year that give a greater cultural interest to this monument. An example of these are the numerous concerts held through the Mare Nostrum festival.

Castillo Sohail de noche

Another event of outstanding interest is the Medieval Market or, due to the large influx of Germans in Malaga, the Oktoberfest celebration. 

How to get to Sohail Castle

The Sohail Castle is located in the municipality of Fuengirola, easily reachable from the Costa del Sol highway. Exactly it is located in Calle Tartesos, s/n (Fuengirola).

It is therefore possible to get from Malaga by train to Fuengirola station, and then walk 2.8km (36 minutes according to Google Maps). It is also possible to do it by bus, whose station is located in the same area as the train station.

That is why the most popular option is to take a taxi from Malaga to Fuengirola, whose price is around 40 €.

Castillo Sohail desde la playa

Interesting facts about Sohail Castle in Fuengirola

As timetables may vary according to dates, please confirm timetables through the official Fuengirola Tourism website.


  • Free admission


  • Tartesos st, s/n (Fuengirola)



The Sohail Castle is one of the monuments in the province of Malaga that is worth a visit, just take a taxi in Malaga and visit Fuengirola!

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