How to get from Málaga to Granada

Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. With a remarkable Moorish influence and a monument as emblematic as the Alhambra, it receives millions of tourists every year.

For this reason, and due to having an airport with few connections, it is very common to look for a way to get from Malaga to Granada, either just arrived at the airport or after spending a few days on the Costa del Sol. 

That is why from Taxi Malaga Transfer we have a service that allows you to go from Malaga to Granada in the easiest way possible.

Travel from Malaga to Granada

Taxi Malaga Granada: Comfort and speed

If you are looking for a taxi connection Malaga – Granada, we offer you a service that makes this journey as pleasant as possible, with our usual features such as payment on arrival, airport pick-up, etc.

Travel from Malaga to Granada

In addition, travelling from Malaga to Granada means witnessing beautiful rural views that reach a high point with the exceptional view of the Sierra Nevada, which depending on the months in which we are, will leave us a snowy picture worthy of admiration.

Having said that, we can say that travelling from Malaga to Granada will always be worthwhile for the alternatives that Granada offers, where we can spend a few days surrounded by snow, or getting to know the most important Arabic cultural legacy in Europe.

lhambra palace in Granada
Go from Malaga to Sierra Nevada

Go from Malaga to Sierra Nevada

Another possibility would be to go from Malaga to Sierra Nevada. This option is quite common given that it is something exceptional, within the Andalusian and practically Spanish climate, to find a place where winter sports can be practised.

For this reason, Sierra Nevada has a wide range of sports, hotels, gastronomy, etc. that will satisfy the demands of any lover of sport, nature or tourism.

  • How far is Granada from Malaga?

Taking into account the data provided by Google Maps, the answer to how far Granada is from Malaga is approximately 130 kilometres.

This translates into a journey time of approximately one and a half hours through some of the wonderful scenery mentioned above.