Getting from Malaga airport to Gibraltar

Although Gibraltar has its own airport, going from Malaga airport to Gibraltar is a fairly frequent journey given the large number of European tourists who land on the Costa del Sol.

The attraction of Gibraltar is huge, not only for its imposing rock, but also for the famous presence of wild monkeys in this city (the only ones in Europe) and the curious characteristics of an enclave belonging to the United Kingdom in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula.

That said, it is important to clarify that, given the special nature of this destination, the vehicle must be unloaded in Spanish territory, just a few metres from the entrance to Gibraltar.

From Malaga to Gibraltar by taxi

From Malaga to Gibraltar by taxi

That’s why, if your dream is to see the characteristic British red telephone booths while spending your days in the purest Andalusian style, going from Malaga to Gibraltar by taxi is an option you should consider.

The short distance between such a peculiar place and the Costa del Sol makes spending a day in this destination and returning, or going to stay there, an option to consider for an ideal holiday.


Below, we have provided some frequently asked questions to make it as easy as possible to make a decision about a visit to Gibraltar. 

  • Malaga Gibraltar: Distance

Bearing in mind that entering Gibraltar in the vehicle is not an option, we set the area known as La Verja as the access point to Gibraltar where, just a few metres away, passengers will alight. Therefore, although the distance from Malaga to Gibraltar is approximately 140 kilometres, the drop-off is slightly earlier.
  • What is the nearest airport to Gibraltar?

The closest airport to Gibraltar is Gibraltar airport itself. That said, and given its small size resulting in few connections, it is more than common to go to Malaga airport as a destination location and then go to Gibraltar. In fact, a peculiarity regarding the small size of Gibraltar airport is that it is the only airport in the world that is crossed by a road.