Transfer from Malaga to Benalmadena

And that’s how the adventure usually begins. When you land in Malaga, your first step has to be to find a transfer from Malaga to Benalmadena.

That’s where we come in, to make this process easier for you with all the advantages we offer (early booking, payment on arrival, etc.).

Puerto Marina in Benalmádena

From Malaga airport to Benalmádena

Malaga airport connections are one of the best and most extensive in Spain. This is the result of the large number of tourists who choose the Costa del Sol to spend their vacations.
Benalmadena is one of the most frequented destinations on the Costa del Sol. For this reason, we decided to create a service section to help the search for transfers from Malaga airport to Benalmadena.


When looking for a transfer from Malaga to Benalmadena, there are many questions that may arise
From Taxi Malaga Transfer, we have tried to anticipate to further facilitate this process.
Therefore, here are some of the answers to solve before looking for a transfer to Benalmadena.
  • How far is Benalmadena from Malaga airport?

Obviously, this will always depend on the area of Benalmádena we want to go to and, of course, the road we take. Depending on these variables, the distance will range between 12 kilometers and 20 kilometers. If we go to the area closest to Torremolinos we usually enter from this road, while if we go to a more distant area, we will access it from the AP-7.12 – 20 KM

  • How far is it Benalmadena from Malaga?​

Once again, this will be very relative, but we will do it taking into account the results obtained in Google Maps. In this case, the kilometers that will have to be taken into account before taking a transfer from Malaga to Benalmadena, are approximately 22.22 KM.

  • How much is a taxi from Malaga airport to Benalmadena?

The approximate price is 35€. Logically, prices always depend on the number of people, schedule and holiday calendar. That is why we always recommend to contact us. Even so, you can see our standard prices on our rates page, where you can easily find the price to go to Benalmádena.