Best Beach Clubs in Marbella

Top 12 best beach clubs in Marbella

The Costa del Sol is one of the favourite destinations for European tourists when the summer months approach. It is in these months when cities like Marbella dress up in their best clothes to offer the best summer activities to all its visitors.

Given the temperatures during the day, as well as its nocturnal appeal, visiting the best beach clubs in Marbella is one of the most recommended options to enjoy your stay on the Costa del Sol.

Such is the fame of these beach clubs in Marbella that the offer is very wide, with numerous options to choose from. Therefore, in this article we want to talk about the 12 best beach clubs in Marbella.

Opium Beach Club Marbella

Opium Beach Club is perhaps one of the best known clubs on the Costa del Sol. With its countless years of experience in the sector and its high reputation as an event organizer, it is one of the best beach clubs in Marbella.

We can always distinguish its daytime activity from its nightlife, but the common denominator is undoubtedly the presence of renowned DJs, its restaurant based on high quality gastronomy and its organisation. If we talk about the best things to do in Marbella, one of them is to visit Opium Beach Club.

Its night events are some of the most demanded parties in Marbella and, as a result of this, we can say that this beach club is internationally known. In addition, its unbeatable location at the entrance of Marbella (taking Malaga as a destination), make this place a very good option to take into account.


Carretera N340, Km 184, Marbella.

Night Party in Opium Beach Club

Nikki Beach Club

Nikki Beach Club is another of the best Beach Clubs in Marbella and, therefore, the one with the most local and international recognition. 

It has a restaurant based on high level gastronomy that follows the line of exclusivity on which this beach club is based. 

In addition, it is equipped with a swimming pool which is essential for its famous pool party in Marbella that is continuous during the summer months, which attracts many people to take a taxi to Marbella.


Carretera de Cádiz, Km 192, Marbella.

Nikki Beach, one of the best beach clubs in Marbella

Ocean Club Marbella

Another beach club that could not be missing in this list is Ocean Club Marbella. This beach club is based, like others, on a large pool with which to hold a pool party at the height of the exclusivity of this club in Marbella.

Without a doubt, watching some of their videos (available on their website) you can quickly see how the mix of high-level DJs, ambience and a luxurious restaurant make for a possibly unforgettable day.

It is also worth noting that their restaurant, called Amaï, borders on perfection. Something which, given its luxurious and exclusive 9000 square metres, we couldn’t doubt.


Avenida de Lola Flores s/n, Marbella.

Ocean Beach Club Pool

La Sala By the Sea

If we talk about the best beach clubs in Puerto Banús, one of the first options that come to mind is La Sala By the Sea. 

Located in the exclusive area of Puerto Banús, in Marbella, this beach club is one of the most select. It has its famous Blue Pool Party, a party that will leave no one indifferent thanks to its prestigious DJs as well as live music, highlighting its saxophone shows. 

One of the highlights of this beach club in Marbella is that any action is a show in itself, so whether you come during the day or during its night events, taking a taxi to Puerto Banús and being part of these events will be a very good option.


Avenida José Banús, Marbella.

Pool Party in La Sala By the See

Estrella del Mar Beach Club

This beach club is much more than a conventional club, it has all kinds of services as it is also a hotel. Therefore, it has a spa, fitness room or any kind of services.

Even so, Beach Club Estrella del Mar is especially famous for its beach club, where high quality food and drinks will make your day something to remember. Without a doubt, booking one of its hammocks and enjoying the atmosphere or attending its night events are recommendations that should not be overlooked.


Carretera 340, Km 190. Urbanización Estrella del Mar, Marbella.

Estrella del Mar beach club

Playa Padre 

For its years of experience, Playa Padre is another of the best known Beach Clubs on the Costa del Sol.

The high quality of its guest artists, as well as its exquisite food and drinks menu make this place a very good option to take into account.

Undoubtedly, going to eat and then enjoy the events that take place is one of the most popular plans for tourists who want to enjoy the Costa del Sol.


Playa del Cable s/n, Marbella.

Purobeach Marbella

When it comes to exclusivity, Purobeach Marbella is undoubtedly one of the clubs to take into account on the Costa del Sol.

Once again, its activity is based on high level gastronomy, cocktails of unbeatable quality and events that leave no one indifferent.

During the summer its activity is extremely high given the fame of the place, something that is given among other things by its famous pool party, famous far beyond Marbella. The audiovisual material available on its website shows very easily how fun is guaranteed at this beach club in Marbella.


Autovía del mediterráneo, Km 159, Marbella.

La Cabane Beach Club

Another beach club of unparalleled exclusivity is La Cabane Beach Club. This place guarantees maximum relaxation thanks to its comfortable sunbeds, its food and beverage service based on the highest quality standards and, above all, its spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Their website offers a virtual tour which does the eyes a favour but, even so, nothing compares to enjoying this luxurious place for ourselves. That’s why it couldn’t be missing from this list and, if possible, you should visit on your stay on the Costa del Sol.


Calle Jabalí, Marbella.


Amàre Beach Club

Following some of the lines mentioned above, Amàre Beach Club is also a hotel located in an exclusive area of Marbella. Although we can comment on its impressive and exclusive suites, in this case we are only going to deal with what we can consider its Beach Club.

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, describing its swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, its calendar of guest DJs and its impressive haute cuisine dishes make this place a place to be reckoned with.

Mind you, as they describe themselves, it’s a place recommended for adults, so getting the most out of a holiday here will always be best by adhering to these recommendations.


Paseo Alfonso Cañas Nogueras, Marbella.

Saxophonist in Amare Beach Club

Mahiki Beach

Mahiki Beach Club, a beach club in Marbella that stands out, as they themselves indicate, for its fusion of Polynesian style and local culinary delicacies.

Its offer is based on sun loungers and hammocks, as well as events throughout the summer, as usual in this type of clubs in Marbella. 

One of their strong points according to themselves is the creativity of each dish, drink or dance. This is a statement of intent of what a day here can be like and how you will want to repeat without a doubt.


Avenida Duque de Ahumada 361, Marbella.

Night in Mahiki

The Origin Beach Soul

Among the clubs with swimming pool, we must also mention The Origin Beach Soul, another club that stands out for its exquisiteness and views of the beach. 

Its sunbeds and sun loungers, swimming pools, exclusive service and unbeatable atmosphere make this place the perfect choice for a luxurious evening.

That is why it is also quite popular with tourists during the summer months, always leaving a great experience and being an important flagship of the Costa del Sol abroad.


Urbanización Coral Beach, N-340, Km 176, Marbella.

Besaya Beach

If they consider themselves to be a restaurant, their proximity to the beach and the fact that they follow a line of exclusivity similar to the beach clubs in Marbella, we couldn’t not include Besaya Beach in this list.

In addition to its select gastronomic offer, it stands out for its quiet atmosphere in front of the sea in a furniture very much in keeping with the beach clubs. It is, without a doubt, an option further away from the party but very much to be taken into account.


Urbanización Coral Beach, N-340, Km 176, Marbella.

Besaya Club

These are the 12 best Beach Clubs in Marbella that we have considered important to add to this list. Even so, we know that the concept of beach club can vary and, therefore, so can the list. What is certain is that with Taxi Malaga Transfer you will be able to visit the ones you like the most. Which ones would you have chosen? Let us know in the comments!

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